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This page highlights any changes and additions to the website, as well as any forthcoming Society events.

Website –

April 2022 – The date of the AGM has been added to the page about the Court. The date and title of the 2022 Liddon lecture can be found on the relevant page. And members in the Cheltenham area maybe interested in the third party event advertised in ‘Things that may be of Interest‘.

January 2022 – The Object of the Season has been updated with an interesting Crib Scene. And this has been added to our update Faith Craft items list and database, found in Faith Craft Work.

December 2021 – Dr Webster’s 2021 Liddon Lecture on Eric Mascall has been published; there is a link on the Liddon lecture page.

November 2021 – Dr Robyn Wrigley-Carr’s Liddon lecture on Evelyn Underhill is available to watch online here.

March 2021 – We now have a database of all known Faith Press books – details can be found on the Faith Press page. And the Object of the Season has been updated.

December 2020 – The 2020 Liddon lecture is now available to watch online here.

August 2020 – The Object of the Season has been updated with some possible Faith Craft items, and the Faith Craft databases have also been updated.

February 2020 – The papers from the 2017 Symposium on Catholicity have now been published. here is a link from the Symposium page on this website, or they can be found here.

October 2019 – Dr Groves has now made available his 2019 Liddon lecture, the text of which is on the Liddon Lecture page. And the text of Father Gage’s lecture to the Anglo-Catholic History Society, about the Douglas Brothers is available on the History of the Society page.