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This page highlights any changes and additions to the website, as well as any forthcoming Society events.

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October 2019 – Dr Groves has now made available his 2019 Liddon lecture, the text of which is on the Liddon Lecture page. And the text of Father Gage’s lecture to the Anglo-Catholic History Society, about the Douglas Brothers is available on the History of the Society page.

July 2019 – The Object of the season and Faith Craft lists have been updated; the latter adding a series of windows at St Edmund, Hunstanton.  The dates of Court meetings and a provisional date for the AGM have been added to the Who’s Who page.  The Rev. William Davage SSC and the Rev. Canon Dr. Philip Ursell did not stand for re-election at the AGM as members of the Court. Dr Julian Litten was elected to the Court.  Dr Andrew Hobley was re-elected as principal for the next three years.

April 2019 – The list of known Faith Craft items has been updated.

March 2018 – Details of the 2019 Liddon Lecture are now available

December 2018 – Following a Christmas trip to Essex we have a new Object of the Season.

July 2018 – The list of members of the Court has been updated after the AGM and dates of the Court meetings for 2018/19 have been added.

May 2018 – Mrs Margery Roberts has written a review for our occasional book review series and our GDPR Privacy Notice is available at the bottom of the Home Page.  We are also very please to have the text of the 21018 Liddon Lecture by Fr Orford on Henry Parry Liddon – the hidden man; this is available on the Liddon lecture page.

March 2018 – An updated Faith Craft list has been added.  The AGM will be held on at Faith House on 24 July 2018 at 1:00 pm. Full details will be available nearer the time.

February 2018 – The Home Page has been updated to make it more interesting and the whole site made more colourful.

November 2017 – A report on the Symposium on Catholicity is now available here.

September 2017 – News of our Symposium on Catholicity is on the front page and we have a new Object of the Season – given the current international news headlines it may be an appropriate selection!

August 2017 – After the AGM the Annual Report and Accounts and the revised Memorandum and Articles of Association have been added and the members of the Court of Fellows updated. The dates of the Court meetings for 2017/18 are now on the Home page.

April 2017 – The Object of the Season has been updated with an item from a building in the news.  We have also been kindly given images of windows designed by William Lawson, some of which were installed. you can find these on the Faith Craft work page.