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For over 50 years Faith Craft artists and designers produced stained glass, vestments, statues and other carvings, liturgical furnature, sacred vessels and other ornaments for the beautification of God’s worship. This section of our website covers –

There never seems to have been a set way of referring to the organisation as contemporary publications by the Society refer to Faith Craft, Faith Crafts, Faith Craft-Works, Faith CraftWorks, FaithCraft and Faith Craft Studios. The Society prefers to use ‘Faith Craft’, unless refering to a publication where the name is given differently; but this is our preference and is no more ‘right’ than any other usage.

In April 2013 the Society held a Symposium on Faith Craft. It is intended to publish the proceedings in 2014. A report of the Symposium is here.

While we can give opinions on whether an item may be made by Faith Craft or not we do not provide valuations. If you wish for a valuation we suggest you approach one of the two main London auction houses.