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As a Society, we have worked hard to tread a neutral path between current controversies in the Church of England.  We welcome those in communion with the See of Canterbury and who also wish to popularise the Catholic Faith.

Much of the Society’s early work focussed on producing high quality ecclesiastical arts and crafts (via Faith Craft) and theological publishing (via Faith Press).  These subsidiaries no longer exist; but the Society continues its work through occasional publications, symposia, and the making of occasional grants to scholars working towards similar ends.

 If you are involved in scholarship which shares our aims, you might consider applying for a grant to assist your work. We offer two different grants for scholars.

One is the Liddon Fund, which makes grants to young (aged 25 or under when beginning the course) and preferably lay scholars. More details of that can be found here

The other are Douglas Grants, made from our own funds. Anyone, clerical, lay or ordinands, engaged in research which supports our objectives may apply.  Applicants are invited to submit the following information:

  • Your name, address, and any academic institutions in which you work;
  • Your previous academic qualifications;
  • The nature of the work for which you seek support;
  • The name of your current academic supervisor;
  • A reference from a relevant academic supervisor;
  • The costs of your project, including living expenses, etc.
  • Any other grants received or anticipated;
  • The name of the Bishop who confirmed you, and when, with details of any current church involvement.

Application should be made to Mrs Margery Roberts, Secretary of the Society of the Faith, 7 Tufton Street, London SW1P 3QB.