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The Society of the Faith maintains a small restricted fund, called the Liddon Fund, which was established originally in memory of the Revd Canon Henry Parry Liddon (1828-90), a prominent member of the Oxford Movement.

The trustees are able to offer a limited number of grants to young people of either sex who are pursuing theological study beyond first degree level.  The trustees especially welcome applications from students who are not considering ordination. The grants are in the region of £500-£3000 each and one to three are available annually.  To be eligible, candidates need to be:

1.  Communicant members of the Church of England.

2.  Aged 25 or under when beginning the course of study.

3.  Undertaking recognised postgraduate study in Theology.
Interested individuals are invited to apply to the Society of the Faith at the address given below.  Where appropriate, a copy of an approved research proposal (or equivalent) is required together with a completed application form, a tutor’s letter of commendation and a photocopy of a document confirming acceptance on the course (when available).   The trustees normally expect to consider applications at the Court meeting  at the February and June meetings for the succeeding academic year, but grants are possible at other times when funds are available. The grants are ‘once-only’ but eligible candidates can make further applications.

As a guide to applicants over the last six years grants have been made for the following sums –

2012-13 – £1000

2013-14 – £2000

2014-15 – £2600

2015-16-  £3000

2016-17 – £3000

2017-18 – £860

For various reasons 2010/11 and 2011/12 were exceptional years.

Applications should be received at least three weeks before the Court meets to allow time for them to be circulated to the Trustrees. The meeting dates can be found on our home page.

Please write to:

Mrs Margery Roberts
Secretary and Treasurer
The Society of the Faith
Faith House
7 Tufton Street