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The objects of the Society of the Faith are –

  • to bring together Christians in communion with the See of Canterbury for mutual assistance in the work of the Christian church and to support and
  • further charitable undertakings, particularly those which popularise the Catholic faith.

Within these limits the Trustees have absolute discretion as to what, if any, financial support the Society might provide to any applicant. The Society has a long lease of Faith House. As the Society’s income depends on the care and maintenance of this building it will have first call on our resources. In considering other projects the Trustees will have regard to the Society’s charitable objectives. As a guide the sorts of undertakings that the Trustees will consider supporting might be –

1. Projects which promote the Catholic faith for those in communion with the See of Canterbury.

2. Publication of high quality, scholarly work concerning the Catholic faith in the Church of England. The Society has a modest publications budget and an early approach to us is advised.

3. Restoration or repair of items produced by the Faith-Craft Works. In all cases items need to be in use or be intended to be put into use in a church or chapel. Work must usually be undertaken by a trained conservator.

4. Encouragement and promotion of new artwork to beatify and adorn Anglo-Catholic places of worship.

Grants for general church building or renovation works will not normally be entertained.

The governing body of the Society, the Court of Fellows will make decisions on any applications. The Court meets four times a year, usually in February, June, July and November.

It should be noted that financial support from the Liddon Trust and the Hoare Trust are not included in this guide as they have their own criteria.

Adopted by the Court of Fellows of the Society of the Faith on 18 June 2013.